• We do the math, you'll see the path

  • What We Do

    We make your data work for you


    Data needs concepts

    There is lots of data! So what's in it for you, the people you work with and your customers? That's right. You don't need just reports, you need a story.


    Just do it

    The truth is not in the data, the truth is in the interpretation. So start using data directly. Build a model, a tool, an app, anything. Learn what your data actually means. And repeat.

  • Who we work For

    Companies we help with concepts, minds & resources


    A company that is build on the usage of data in football. We deliver resources. Staff on demand. So they have a wide selection of talents to choose from.

    Sony Music Benelux

    How do you translate 50GB's a day into a useful model and application that actually allows Sony to help artists reach the right audience.

  • Who we are

    Opposites unite

    Business Developers

    Data means nothing

    It is all about the business. What can we use it for? It is not about science. Science is for making reports, not money.

    Data scientists

    Business will come

    Business isn't complicated. The challenge lies in figuring out this immense complex and elaborate data. Business will grow out of that.

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    We will show you what you cannot see


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